Wrinkle Fillers & Lip Enhancers began in the past with collagen and have since emerged into many forms.

Dr. Rainone uses hyaluronic acids exclusively under the brand names JUVEDERM Ultra, JUVEDERM Ultra Plus, VOLUMA, VOLLURE, and VOLBELLA. All of these products contain lidocaine, a local anesthetic that allows the fillers to go in more comfortably.

Dr. Rainone only uses a highly advanced technique of placing the filler with a microcannula allowing him to smoothly sculpt a natural finished appearance. It also reduces risk of vascular injury and bruising.  He is considered a New England expert in this area and has been called upon to train others in ME, NH, MA, CT, and RI.   He is also becoming the preferred provider by other injectors to meet their facial needs.

We have been injecting filler at Smoothskin since 2002

Fillers are commonly used to fill:

  1. The lines that frame the mouth called nasolabial lines or smile lines.
  2. The lines from the corner of the mouth running into the chin (puppet or marionette lines).
  3. The small lines radiating out from the lips referred to as smokers lines (even if you’ve never smoked!)

The lips especially the UPPER LIP thin out shorten and collapse at the corners with aging.
Fillers lengthen, restore and plump up small sagging lips.  The degree of fullness is entirely your preference.

A natural look that is not overdone is the standard here at Smoothskin.

Fillers can be used to restore lost volume in the face with loss of facial fat with aging. Fuller cheeks, under eye hollows or under eye dark circles, & hollow temples are examples of such areas.

OUR PLEDGE of QUALITY & INTEGRITY from Smoothskin, Inc.
It has come to our attention that other practices have been importing their fillers from foreign countries esp. Canada in order to cut costs. The FDA has issued a strong warning to cease & desist to over 350 practices, some right here in New England.  Smoothskin only purchases fillers directly from Allergan, Inc.  You can be assured you are receiving authentic products that has been properly acquired, stored, prepared, and delivered with the highest levels of standards for your safety.


Prices start at $649.00


Minimum of 2 syringes recommended for first-time filler clients.
One syringe is more appropriate for follow-up and repeat.

Prices are subject to change without notice. Physician may recommend a higher grade product to better suit your medical needs and may include additional costs.

*Patient was also treated with Laser and Product.